Cruisin’ for a Reviewsin’ - Tom Cruise Movie Reviews

Episode 65 - Top Gun Maverick LIVE

May 31, 2022

In a stunning case of the stars aligning perfectly for me, I wrapped up the filmography of Tom Cruise just before his latest film started showing in cinemas & I got to do my first live episode! What a time to be alive! I got to host a screening of the new Top Gun before sitting down with Ben McLeay in front of a live audience of very attractive people to talk about how sick this film was. We do our best to avoid spoilers & instead talk at great length about G forces, whether the enemy nation was Iran, sick plane stunts & the weird rules in the local Top Gun pub that made absolutely no sense.

Note: We had a lot of crowd participation which I did my best to crank up but some of it's still too hard to hear. You can watch the video to hear all that was said here on instagram.

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